ÜNAL PASLANMAZ ÇELİK was established by Muhittin ÜNAL in 1960. It began to produce Stainless Milk Cooling and Storage Tanks and industry type kitchen equipment in Siteler in 1975. It moved to the factory it established in the industrial zone in 1993 and continued to produce there.

Always feeling the necessity to feel, ÜNAL PASLANMAZ ÇELİK moved to the 10,000m2 closed and 20,000 m2 open area modern factory in the industrial zone, which employs high technology.

Thanks to its experience of over 40 years, ÜNAL PASLANMAZ ÇELİK produces milk and dairy products, fruit juice and carbonated beverages and stainless steel tank and equipments for chemistry, pharmaceuticals and plastics sectors. It is the leading company in the sector, thanks to the machinery working with updated technology, highly experienced engineers, management and certificated employees. One of the most important factors contributing to this position is its vision of qualified products, customer satisfaction and after sales services.

The manufacturing line of ÜNAL PASLANMAZ ÇELİK consists of pressurized and non-pressurized tanks, jeep systems, storage tanks, process tanks, milk cooling tanks, chocolate tanks, cacao and cacao oil tanks, cacao manufacturing tanks, liquor tanks, fruit juice and concentrated fruit juice tanks, carbonated beverage tanks, diffusate tanks, solution and fermentation preparation tanks, PVC granule tanks, carriage tanks and tankers, culture tanks, cooking tanks, silo, bunker, conveyor, pipe charge cooler, yoghurt carriers, cheese carriers etc.

ÜNAL PASLANMAZ ÇELİK will continue to contribute to Turkish industry in the future, as it is doing so today.